Why Release?

Why Release?

Release transforms Scatec Solar’s years of competence and experience in the large-scale solar market to commercial and industrial users with behind the meter systems.

Designed to overcome challenges associated with adopting solar power, Release offers customers the opportunity to have their own solar plant without the need for large investments or long-term contractual commitments.

  • Reduced energy costs

    We deliver medium- and large-scale solar PV power at prices that have previously been reserved for large installations. We guarantee significant fuel cost savings, reduced wear and tear on engines or reduced on-grid costs during peak demand periods. The final electricity cost is dependent on the irradiation on your specific site, as well as the available electrical setup and infrastructure available on site.

    Reduced energy costs
  • Flexible leasing

    Flexible contract duration

    We provide short and long-term leases. This allows you to review your operations and financial needs first to determine a power solution, rather than the other way around.

    The combination of a leasing agreement and flexible contract length greatly reduces your financial liabilities.

    Limited upfront commitment

    High upfront investments and large balance sheet commitments can be significant barriers to buying new power equipment or engaging in long term PPAs.

    We finance the equipment and lease it to our customers at a fixed, annual fee.

    Flexible leasing
  • Reduced fuel dependency

    Medium and large energy consumers are particularly vulnerable to price fluctuations, fuel and power disruptions. A solar plant installed on-site will allow you to reduce dependency on fuel and grid power and maintain vital operations even in case of disruption of the existing power source.

    Reduced fuel dependency

Guaranteed performance and availability

We guarantee equipment performance and availability to ensure that you receive what is expected. We test the equipment upon completion of installation and on a regular basis to ensure system performance over time.

Quick deployment and installation

The pre-assembled, pre-wired, and containerised equipment reduces the time and people required for installation. We install 1-2 MW of solar power per week with a small team. A standardised and modular design reduces the specific design requirements and thus the time from our initial discussions and until your plant is online.

Solar trackers and bifacial modules for higher efficiency

We use single axis trackers, which increases power output by 15-25 percent compared to fixed tilt solutions. We also use bifacial modules, which means that the sunlight reflected from the ground is absorbed in the back of the panels. These modules increase power output with up to an additional 10 percent. Overall, this allows our solar systems to deliver up to 30 percent more power than traditional fixed systems at the same installed capacity.

24/7 technical support and monitoring

We provide remote 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and interactive maintenance through our Control and Monitoring Centre in Cape Town. We support in operation and maintenance activities, and train local resources to perform daily maintenance tasks if needed. We also come to site on a regular basis to maintain and control the equipment.