Release in operation

Who is Release for?

Diesel and HFO generators play a significant role in power delivery, particularly in emerging markets. Integrating renewable energy with generators, or hybridisation, reduces cost of power supply, fuel  dependence and emissions.

Potential customers include medium- to large scale off-grid power consumers, such as industrial companies and UN/NGOs. The technology and leasing arrangement is also relevant for on-grid users and utilities looking for financially flexible solutions.

  • Off-grid operations powered by diesel

    Mine operating in Africa

    A large-scale mine is operating on diesel and looking to reduce its power costs through solar power. The mine is looking for operational and financial flexibility and will engage in a 4 year initial leasing commitment with Release. The solar solution will cover 28% of the power demand, and the mine will save costs from the first year of operations. Over 15 years costs savings will amount to about USD 24 million, and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 160,000 tonnes.

    Release presentation at Energy & Mines 2020 – The flexible 5-year solar contract

    Off-grid operations powered by diesel
  • International operations – the UN and NGOs

    The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal, South Sudan

    The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal is managed by IOM (International Organization of Migration) and hosts 34 organisations involved in humanitarian projects in the nearby town and region.

    The hybrid system delivered by Scatec is expected to reduce the diesel fuel usage at the Hub by up to 80%. It will provide savings of about USD 300,000 and around 300 tonnes CO2 per year. The hybrid solution with solar PV and batteries is leased to IOM on a short-term contract, and the system will be taken over by IOM if the contract is extended up to 10 years.

    Video from The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal

    International operations – the UN and NGOs
  • Making solar for utilities simple

    Many utility scale solar projects are never realised, even if there is a substantial need for additional power. Release is designed to overcome the barriers and ensure projects come on-line.

    • We don’t require sovereign guarantees to cover payments. This reduces the overall financial commitment required by the utility/government.
    • Our equipment is pre-financed. Thus, our offering is not subject to securing financing.
    • We don’t overpromise on the tariff, but are committed to delivering a complete product at the agreed price.
    • The timeline from contract signing and until the plant is up and running is about four to six months.
    Making solar for utilities simple