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Who is Release for?

Solar PV and BESS present a reliable and clean substitute for diesel and HFO generators, which tend to be costly power generation options that impede economic progress. Nonetheless, its advancement encounters various hurdles in emerging economies. To address these challenges, Release introduced a customized solar leasing solution. We provide our clients with pre-financed equipment, flexible power plant sizing, and adaptable contract durations, aiming to surmount barriers to solar adoption.


Despite the urgent requirement for affordable and clean power to replace expensive thermal plants in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), solar PV, which has served as a competitive alternative for several years, still represents less than 5% of the installed capacity in the region to date. The Independent Power Producer (IPP) model is often inefficient, requiring complex legal and financial arrangements, as well as guarantees over 25 years.


  • Utilities - Operations

    Our operations in Maroua and Guider – Cameroon

    Our latest utility-scale project in Cameroon has been operational since Q3 2022. These projects are situated in Guider and Maroua, with installed capacities of 17.8MWp PV + 9.5MWh Battery storage and 18MWp PV + 9.5MWh respectively. They are leased to the local utility (ENEO) and integrated into the Northern Cameroon Grid. Achieving First Power within 6 months of contract signing the projects have bolstered ENEO’s service continuity in the North and Far North regions.

    The projects have effectively reduced CO2 emissions by up to 600kg/MWh of energy supplied per site, totaling an annual reduction of 32,193 tonnes of CO2. Additionally, they have brought about a 90% reduction in fuel consumption between 2021 and 2023, resulting in savings of around 18 billion CFA francs.

    Building on this success, we are presently in discussions with ENEO for a second-phase project of similar size, with the aim of achieving COD within the next year.

    Utilities - Operations
  • Industrials

    Mine operating in Africa

    A large-scale mine is operating on diesel and looking to reduce its power costs through solar power. The mine is looking for operational and financial flexibility and will engage in a 4-year initial leasing commitment with Release. The solar solution will cover 28% of the power demand, and the mine will save costs from the first year of operations. Over 15 years costs savings will amount to about USD 24 million, and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 160,000 tonnes.

    Release presentation at Energy & Mines 2020 – The flexible 5-year solar contract


  • International operations – the UN and NGOs

    The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal, South Sudan

    The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal is managed by IOM (International Organization of Migration) and hosts 34 organisations involved in humanitarian projects in the nearby town and region.

    The hybrid system delivered by Scatec is expected to reduce the diesel fuel usage at the Hub by up to 80%. It will provide savings of about USD 300,000 and around 300 tonnes CO2 per year. The hybrid solution with solar PV and batteries is leased to IOM on a short-term contract, and the system will be taken over by IOM if the contract is extended up to 10 years.

    Video from The Humanitarian Hub in Malakal

    International operations – the UN and NGOs