Making solar simple

The next generation renewable power

Release is a fully scalable solar power solution that reduces electricity costs and increases energy independence. The combination of a leasing agreement and flexible contract length greatly reduces your financial liabilities. A solution that increases your business flexibility and profitability.

Why Release?

Reduced energy costs
Flexible contract duration
Limited upfront investment
Reduced fuel dependency

Build your own hybrid plant

Follow the steps in our webtool to size your own solar hybrid plant and get a feel for how solar PV can become an integrated part of your power system.

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How it works?

Guaranteed performance and availability

Release guarantees equipment performance and availability to ensure that our customers receive a predictable power production.

Solar trackers and bifacial modules for high efficiency

Our solar systems deliver 30 percent more power than traditional fixed systems at the same installed capacity.

Quick deployment and installation

Standardised, pre-assembled and containerised solar and battery equipment reduces design requirements and installation time, giving a fast turnaround and cost-effective solution. The equipment can be removed and redeployed upon contract termination.

24/7 technical support and monitoring

We provide remote 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and interactive maintenance through our Control and Monitoring Centre in Cape Town.

Product, equipment, and services

Release provides high performing modular solar PV and battery equipment, system integration, monitoring and maintenance support.

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