Product and technologies

Products and technologies

We use Scatec’s experience, supplier relationships and purchasing power to provide the highest performing equipment. We thereby guarantee our customers efficient and readily available equipment from tier-1 equipment suppliers.

  • Plug and play solar plant

    A standardised, pre-assembled and containerised solution designed to adapt to your power needs.

    Modular, scalable, and mobile solution:

    Starting at 0.5 MW, the system is fully scalable to provide flexibility of scaling up or down to adjust to individual power demands. The equipment is packed in 40-foot containers, each containing from 150 kWp.

    World’s only redeployable solar trackers:

    Release has partnered with Cambridge Energy Partners to deliver the world’s only container-based, movable single axis trackers.

    Our system combination of bifacial solar modules with trackers enables delivery of up to 30 percent more power than traditional fixed systems at the same installed capacity.

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    Plug and play solar plant
  • Battery storage

    Turnkey stand-alone batteries and battery management systems allowing customers to install more solar and store excess from peak hours for later use. System stability is greatly improved where the grid is unreliable. Where supply is from thermal sources, generator efficiency is increased.

    Battery storage
  • Integration technology

    Technology flexible integration and control:

    Industry leading integration hardware and software allow our customers to interconnect with existing power infrastructure. We work with leading system integration companies to ensure seamless interconnection.

    Our systems control power dispatch from existing infrastructure, solar and storage, ensuring system stability and maximising savings in real time with fluctuating loads.

    Integration technology
  • Monitoring system

    Operations and maintenance support:

    Release provides monitoring through our Control and Monitoring Centre in Cape Town. This enables us to closely follow up and support in maintenance activities and ensure equipment functionality at all times.

    We provide O&M services on the equipment to ensure high functionality over time. We also provide training of local resources on site to perform daily O&M activities.

    Monitoring system