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Release by Scatec hosts Tanzanian Electric Supply Company Limited and Artelia Delegates

15 May 20204: The renewable energy market is growing rapidly, with immense pressure on governments and industries to adapt sustainable practices to achieve net zero. While we see the rest of the world doing its best to meet the energy demands, a few continents are lagging behind in meeting their energy transition targets.

Africa’s energy landscape faces numerous challenges. The main challenge that Africa faces when it comes to the energy transition is the lack of finance and investments. Release offers a unique leasable solution that enables utilities and private companies to invest in renewable energy to reduce their carbon emissions and continues the fight against climate change. The technology solution consists of pre-assembled solar and battery energy storage equipment that is containerized.

Our biggest portfolio is in the utilities market in the North of Cameroon, Maroua and Guider. The plants have a combined capacity of 36MW solar and 20MW/19MWh of battery storage. In our continuous efforts to uplift the African utilities market, Release by Scatec’s Business Developer, Joyce Ho, hosted Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) and Artelia delegates for a 4-day study trip.

The purpose of this study trip was for the delegates to learn more about the operations of solar power plants as they are looking to expand their power plant portfolio in Tanzania. We went through some of the lessons learned from the time we entered the market, giving them useful tips about solar and battery storage solutions. It was important to emphasize that renewable energy is not just a technology, but a crucial factor in saving our planet.

“We were delighted to welcome the delegation of Tanzanian Utility specialists and share insights. Engaging with them provided valuable insights into the concerns and priorities of potential customers, especially regarding investments in new solar power plants. Such exchanges are invaluable for refining our offerings to better suit their needs,” says Arnaud Gouet, Release Senior Vice President of Utilities.

The week was filled with learning and knowledge sharing regarding all thing’s renewable energy.

The first day was spent at Scatec’s Cape Town offices, where we presented who we are at Scatec and Release respectively to the delegates. The presentation of Tanzania case gave us a better outlook of what the delegates wanted to get out of this trip.

Day 2 of the study trip was at the Release testing site in Stellenbosch, showcasing the unique Release solution and the evolution of our redeployable trackers over the years.

Day 3 and 4 the delegates travelled to the Northern Cape Province to visit the Scatec sites.

We kicked off our site visit to the Scatec Round 4 Solar PV plants, where we got a warm welcome from the Site Manager and the rest of the team on the ground. The site visits are where the delegation got to fully learn about the technicalities of running a solar power plant and the operation and maintenance of it.

“The team was very excited to visit one of the world’s largest hybrid solar and battery project for the very first time, especially one that is owned by a private company. Our trip to South Africa with the Scatec and Release team was eye-opening. We learned so much from team on solar PV technology advancement. This visit exceeded all of our expectations,” says Seleman Mayanjo Senior Research Engineer at TANESCO.

We would like to thank TANESCO and Artelia for a remarkable week of learning, and to the Scatec site teams for showcasing Scatec’s capabilities.



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